Solving The Male Infertility Riddle – How to Stay Safe?

Could you think of spending a whole day without talking on the cell phone or without reading your emails or responding to chats on your Smartphone? For the majority of us, it’s a luxury we simply cannot afford these days! Cell phones have become intrinsic to our day-to-day lives. Right from waking up in the morning by ringing its alarm at our pre-scheduled time until the time we close our eyes in bed, we never seem to get tired of our cell phones! But here’s the catch, some researchers have long been voicing that since cellular phones emit electromagnetic radiation, using, keeping, and carrying these gadgets close to our body (especially close to our head, in shirt pockets close to heart, and in the side pockets of trousers close to genitals) might actually result in causing potential damage to these vital organs resulting in cerebral, cardiac, hepatic and reproductive ailments and associated symptoms. In short improper usage and continuous exposure to electromagnetic radiation (radio waves) emanating from cell phones might cause infertility. And males are more at risk, as the common preference for men is carrying their cell phones on their side trouser pockets which may “interfere with sperm production in their testes.”

What’s the Big Deal?

Cell Phone Usage May Cause Male InfertilityYou might ask the above question going by the fact that it hasn’t been conclusively proved that if you continue carrying your cell phone in your trouser pockets your sperm count might decrease. True, but why take the risk? After all when it comes to our health and well being would you compromise on risking it for a mere gadget? This can really turn out to be a BIG deal for you and your future! In fact, as the first step to keeping yourself safe from the harmful radiation of cell phones, you should start educating yourself. Read on to find out more about the basics of understanding cell phone radiation and how you can keep your sperm count normal without getting affected with cell phone radiation

Get To Know the SAR Value of Your Cell Phone

What is the SAR value? It stands for Specific Absorption Rate. “This value signifies the amount of radiation (in Watts) which is absorbed by per unit KG of your body. In the case of Smartphone SAR is measured by keeping the phone in the talking position and then calculating the amount of radiation absorbed by the part of your head which is closest to the antennas of the Smartphone.” In India, the max SAR value is 1.6W/Kg. SAR values are calculated when the cell phone is in its finest condition (at the manufacturer’s hub); with usage, the SAR value surges. Check the SAR value of your cell phone by dialing *#07# on your cell phone. The default value will come up on your screen with a ‘tick’ mark indicating your device complies with the country standard.

How Does Cell Phone Cause Male Infertility?

Most adults own at least a cell phone and about 14% of couples belonging to affluent (middle-high income) countries suffer from difficulty in conceiving. Researchers say that the findings indicate a direct link between unrestrained cell phone usage and male infertility caused by cell phone radiation. Moreover, from findings of 10 studies on “how cell phone exposure may affect male fertility” researchers have found that among 50-85% of males who are not exposed to cell phone radiation have healthy sperms with good motility compared to those males who are exposed to cell phone usage. So, the study infers that “carrying mobiles in trouser pockets negatively affects sperm quality” as the electromagnetic radiation from cell phones interferes with sperm production in the testes.

Can’t We Do Anything About It?

Yes, We Can! Here are some tips for you to follow -   

·      When it’s On Keep Your Cell Phone Away From Your Body - This is by far the most important point that you should follow. Try not to carry your phone inside a trouser pocket, shirt pocket or in pouches clipped to your belt (near waist & groin). Keep a distance from your cell phone when it’s on.

     Talk Less Text More - This helps to cut down on the extent of exposure to cell phone radiation for the user and thus keeps their vital organs like brain, heart, etc. comparatively safe from major damage.

·       Use Your Cell Phone Only When The Signal Bars Are Full - In weak reception locales more power is used by cell phones to transmit signals which means more radiation is emanated from the device, making it more lethal to the user.

·      Celebrate No Phone Day - That’s right! Restrict your cell phone usage and keep your phone off for at least one day of the week. The more “No Phone Days” in a week the safer you will remain.

·       Never Let Children Use Cell Phones - Children are far more vulnerable to cell phone radiation than adults. Never let them play with cell phones or any wireless device.

“Prevention is better than cure.” We have grown up listening to this age-old saying. Actually, it’s time that we follow the same words meticulously by adopting safer habits in handling cell phones. After all, our future and future generations are at stake if we don’t act!

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