How I Embraced Motherhood In Spite Of Diabetes and Infertility!

Here is a personal account coming from Manasi Sen who was a patient of type 2 diabetes. The ailment was more than a mere disease for her as it was crushing her dreams to become a proud mother. Things were getting stickier day by day causing a great deal of commotion in the lives of Manasi and her husband. It was only after her treatment under one of the best infertility specialists in Kolkata (at Genome – The Fertility Centre) that she reverted back into the mainstream of life. The following account projects a magnificent story of saving a couple from the curse of infertility.
Hello everyone!

This is Manasi Sen. Today I am here on this platform with the sole intention of reaching out to you with a personal account that emanates from a nightmarish situation that I had to get through at one point of time in my life.
How I Embraced Motherhood In Spite Of Diabetes and Infertility

Becoming a mother is perhaps one of the most treasured moments in a woman’s life. However, it is not always that women get to delight in this precious feeling. There are in fact countless women who intend to seize all the gripping gusto and flurry of motherhood and yet their dreams fall short of the intended rhapsodies as their health conditions stage a severe resistance to the process. Type 2 Diabetes is perhaps one of the appalling health conditions that come in between a woman and her dreams of becoming a proud mother of a healthy kid.

That was exactly my situation. After getting married, my husband and I dreamt about our child and started preparing for parenthood. However, our dreams were jolted as I did not conceive even after a few years of marriage. We were going through a really rough patch at that time. We knew that something was wrong. The only thing was that we did not know where to hit on to figure out what exactly caused things to go off the track.

A spate of utter frustration had already started showing on the face of my husband. The agony was unbearable for me too but the way out was not in sight no matter how hard we were trying to look for it.  It was by that time when I was visited by my close friend, Sheetal. When she was aware of the problem that was haunting us she came out with a suggestion. She suggested that we should try consultation at a fertility center in Kolkata. She pointed out that a good consultation followed by professional intervention at fertility clinics might work out for us.

Now that was a little comforting for us after all we have been through. Because of the suggestion that she put forward, we were, as if, able to see a very slight glimpse of hope. So, we made up our mind to go for it. I still remember that we spent the next few days frantically to search for the best Infertility clinic in Kolkata and it was our pursuit that brought us in contact with Genome - The Fertility Centre.

We came to know of the main problem that was the root of all issues- Type 2 Diabetes. Helpful doctors and medical professionals at Genome explained how Type 2 Diabetes triggered polycystic changes resulting in the rise of insulin and ultimately in infertility. Through well-guided consultation and procedures, we got an upper hand over what seemed to be a completely hopeless situation. Today we are proud parents of two healthy kids - one boy and one girl. You know what, they are non-identical twins!

I am not a regular blogger blessed with the wealth of lexis and ornate rhetoric. Yet I do find it to be a solemn responsibility to share my story so that you might tag along with this phenomenal "infertility treatment in Kolkata" and put up a brave fight against the crucifying agony that pierces your soul. I believe that you would love to identify with the account that I just shared provided you do perceive of the menace of infertility as much as I do.