5 Things You Must Know Before Ovum Donation

Are you one of the fortunate ones who has been bestowed with the power of fertility by the Almighty to bring forth a bundle of joy to childless couples? Ovum donation, as in medical terms we say, is a novel act and only the lucky few can become egg donors. If you’re one of them, consider yourself blessed! In this post, we will discuss five helpful tips that will help you to become more confident and realistic before you commit to the novel cause of becoming an egg donor.

If you have already taken the first step towards ovum donation, we would like to tell you that it will be a ‘life-changing’ decision for you and that you’re very lucky indeed to be doing ‘God’s work’ of spreading joy and happiness to those couples who are bereft of the happiness of becoming parents on their own accord. But then, ovum donation needs to be done systematically and following an approved procedure under the guidance of a renowned reproductive specialist at the best fertility center in Kolkata. So choose your fertility clinic carefully. In fact, this should be your primary concern before you decide to undergo ovum donation.

5 Things You Need To Know Before Ovum Donation

Make sure that you’re committed enough for ovum donation
Ovum donation or egg donation is a BIG commitment and becoming a donor sometimes can pose challenges before the person. Societal and family pressure might discourage the incumbent to go ahead and become an egg donor. So make it clear to the family members of your intentions to become an ovum donor. Because once you are committed to the process you need to be flexible with your schedule of availability for meeting appointments with the reproductive specialists, you have to take the medications as indicated by the reproductive specialist at the designated time and you have to follow this regimen till your ovum donation procedure is successfully over. Remember that a couple’s hope and happiness depends on your commitment.

Health is wealth. Keep yourself healthy
Ovum donors must be physically sound. The ideal age of egg donors should be between 21 years to 29 years. The donor must have a healthy Body Mass Index (BMI). Moreover, the egg donor must not be a smoker and should be a non-user of any drugs. Sound health is crucial for maintaining fertility and more importantly for women who wish to become ovum donors.      

Mental agility and emotional stability
In addition to being physically sound the donor must be mentally agile and emotionally stable. She must be ready emotionally to donate her ovum. A woman has only a handful of fertile years in her life and in that too she remains at her peak fertile period for only a couple of years, it is always a BIG decision on her part to donate a piece of her- her egg. But once you have made up your mind, you should remain relaxed and calm. You’ll be surprised how wonderful and amazing the journey lie ahead.

The strictly confidential process ensures the anonymity of donors
Egg donors remain anonymous to recipient couples. So you don’t have to worry about disclosure of your identity while opting for ovum donation. But remember that couples wish to see their future babies grow into intelligent, healthy, and beautiful individuals. When the baby is born out of an Assisted Reproductive Technique like an IVF technique whereby the donor egg is being fertilized with the sperm of the incumbent parent, the baby thus born will be sharing the genetic code of the donor mom as well. Thus most parents wish to have a donor ovum from someone with a good societal background. Anonymity is maintained only at the best IVF Center in Kolkata so that neither the recipient couple nor the donor could know each other’s identity. 

Birth control pills, a strict no-no
If you’re on ‘pills’ you may not get a green signal from the reproductive specialists who are at the helm of approving applications for ovum donation. Birth control pills have a chemical composition that may typically interfere with your ovum reducing its potency. So birth control pills and even IUDs are strongly discouraged if someone is willing to donate her egg for the greater good.

Do you feel motivated and inclined to become an ovum donor? If you’re excited about helping a childless couple find fulfillment in their conjugal life in the form of gifting them a baby, don’t be shy! Contact the best infertility treatment center. Kolkata is proud of being home to eastern India’s most revered fertility center in Kolkata especially known for its unprecedented success in Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART) services. For more life-changing stories and helpful tips on fertility, pregnancy and parenthood stay connected to the GENOME Blog.