Psychological Counselling Helped Us In Treating Infertility

Infertility is not a curse. However, it can strike anytime and assume the stature of a crisis, in the lives of couples who are intently dwelling upon fantasies of becoming parents. I am Samira from Kolkata. My husband Vinay and I had to endure the curse of infertility for a certain period of time. What you are about to read below is no figment of the imagination. This is ‘our’ story.

Understanding Infertility

WHO-ICMART glossary clearly defines infertility as “a disease of the reproductive system defined by the failure to achieve a clinical pregnancy after 12 months or more of regular unprotected sexual intercourse”. We became victims of this medical condition. I read in a journal that “at the onset of infertility, both the couple would be negatively affected. The situation would trigger an intense feeling of loneliness as well as depression inside you. It starts growing stronger and stronger as time passes by. The pain, anxiety, and stress (originating from the fear of shattered social status and self-image) get prolonged and even starts corroding you from inside. The growing anxiety levels are going to hurl its impact on the conjugal relation that you share with your spouse.”

Psychological Counselling Helped Us In Treating Infertility

The Outlandish and Lurid Situation We Were In

The issue of infertility had already thrown both of us into a nightmarish situation for sure. The gravity of this particular problem was that we were not encouraged to speak to many people to heave up our feelings even if we wanted to. There was a sort of shame and inhibition involved which stopped us from being vocal about our problem, even to our family members. The obvious result was that all the negative feelings and disturbing thoughts kept raging inside us creating a great void and a whirlpool of mental agony. We were suffering every moment but had no idea whom to turn to find help. The worst part was that we had started withdrawing (emotionally) from each other unknowingly.

How Psychological Counselling Helped Us

The situation could have been more aggravated if there had not been the caring support of psychological counseling by our side from Genome The Fertility Centre, the well-known infertility clinic in Kolkata. The best part of this kind of counseling session is that it seeps deep into the root of the trouble and finds a workable solution. They gauged into the psychological distance developing between the couple and instituted an individual strategy for us which helped us bridge the emotional gap we’re experiencing lately. We both had different counseling requirements. Our counselor was aware of it. So, she arranged an individual session in the initial phases. In each session, she used to grab info as to the emotional changes that we are going through. She made necessary recordings so that it comes in handy in the ‘couple counseling sessions’. When we started having the joint sessions the specialist had already observed the sense of guilt, social pressure, stress, agony, and lack of self-control that caused the psychological distance between us.

While talking to us, the counselor pointed at the unfulfilled desires that we both had. These desires were causing frustration and emotional stress. Therefore, she first wanted us to work in the area of relationship dynamics, which by far is the most important thing in preserving happiness in conjugal life. The counselor continued with the therapy for a few months.

In sessions that followed, the reproductive counselor drew our notice to some fertility treatment procedures such as IVF (In Vitro Fertilisation), IUI (Intrauterine Insemination), Surrogacy, Embryo Donation, and Sperm Donation, etc that would work great. She also emphasized establishing ‘heart to heart’ communication because that is what will be “the most operative word in churning out a successful solution to the problem we had been facing so long.” The psychological trauma can also be counterattacked if you make it a point to take good care of each other and trade the path shown by erudite counselors at Genome The Fertility Centre, undoubtedly the best fertility center in Kolkata.

This was Samira’s story. Do you have something of shared interest on this subject line? If so, we would expect a little buzz. Comment below and let us know. For more insightful write-ups, fertility tips, and inspiration stay connected.