Infertility in Advanced Age Is Not a Barrier Anymore: An Inspiring Story

Advanced maternal age is always thought to be detrimental as it might lead to female infertility. However, here is a story that would challenge the medical doctrine. Due to some unavoidable reasons, the real names of the couple would be withheld in this detailed outline. We would refer to the couple as Mr. and Mrs. Das. Fertility is a veritable fact or reality even at an advanced age. It can be possible with IVF as well as egg donation which is obviously a realistic option to deal with infertility issues in advanced age.

The moving description catches Mr. and Mrs. Das who drop by our Siliguri center with a genuine problem. They had a case of primary infertility which had been continuing for a prolonged 12 years.  On evaluation by an infertility consultant, it came out that Mrs. Das had a very lower number or quantity of eggs. It was also diagnosed that Mr. Das actually had weak sperm count as well as poor sperm motility.

Infertility in Advanced Age Is Not a Barrier Anymore
It was a tough situation to handle because of woman's fertility peaks in the early and mid-20s, after which it starts to decline, with a more dramatic drop after 35 years. Menopause, or the cessation of menstrual periods, generally occurs in the 50s and marks the cessation of fertility, although age-related infertility can occur before then.  The relationship between age and female fertility is popularly referred to as a ‘biological clock’ for women.

The situation was indeed grim for the couple. They were somehow constrained to believe that everything they do will ultimately lead to a disparaging and long-suffering outcome. Parenthood was indeed a utopian scheme for Mr. and Mrs. Das. However, things in their life started to turn in a buoyant and positive direction the moment they met our infertility consultant. The doctor wanted to take a deeper look into the situation. She made it a point to check the status of the ovarian reserve minutely in the first place. Inspecting the ovarian reserve was necessary in order to measure serum FSH level as well as carry out necessary blood tests. The doctor also went for a Trans-vaginal ultrasound in order to measure up Antral Follicle Count. Aspects like controlled ovarian hyper-stimulation and IUI were also inspected. As Mrs. Das had decreased ovarian egg reserve it suggested by our infertility consultant that she should be offered oocyte donation as an option.

She was also offered pre-conception counseling regarding the risks of pregnancy with advanced maternal age, promotion of optimal health and weight, and screening for concurrent medical conditions such as hypertension and diabetes, etc. In view of her poor egg reserve, Mrs. Das underwent IVF with EGG DONATION. In view of low sperm count and motility, ICSI was advised. Mrs. Das conceived in her 1st cycle of IVF. She is now in her 8th month of pregnancy and doing well.

As of now, both Mr. and Mrs. Das are excessively happy and they would like to thank the efforts rendered by Genome the Fertility Centre in Siliguri. It has really been a life-changing experience for them which ultimately led them towards the mirth of parenthood.

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