Faulty Nutrition Can Impede Smooth Fertility - A Case Study

How does it feel when you are being denied of the pleasure and inner fulfillment of becoming a parent that you well deserve? It’s agonizing, to say the least! We felt something of that sort because of our inability to conceive.
I am Deepto. I live with my wife Madhulika in Howrah. It is almost 4 years that we had been married to each other yet Madhu (as I call her) did not reveal any sign of pregnancy. The situation was really getting tougher for both of us, as we had to gulp down the frustrating situation at home and face our families and relatives’ repetitive questions and concerns  like - “why aren’t you planning a family?”, “Is everything okay?” and sorts.  To add to our woes, there was a certain sense of guilt which was slowly yet prominently gaining inside both of us.
Not being able to comprehend what was actually behind all this, we were literally geared up to get down to the root of the problem.  Fortunately, one of our family friends suggested that we should get in touch with Genome - The Fertility Centre undoubtedly one of the best fertility clinics in Kolkata.
Faulty Nutrition Can Impede Smooth Fertility

During our counseling sessions we were enlightened on an oft-overlooked factor that hurls a negative impact on pregnancy - Living on fast food/junk food and avoiding home-cooked foods. We’re a working couple and hence we live a hectic schedule all week. Because of the demanding nature of our work life, we were in the habit of ordering our food from restaurants and fast-food joints. It used to be a very common practice with us and we weren’t even cooking at home on weekends, and it had been continuing for nearly a year. The ‘erratic’ food habit we were under did cast a harsh impact on my wife’s reproductive health, as it was brought to light by the lady counselor at Genome. Previously we had no idea that food habits could lead to infertility issues. This was a wake-up call for us.
During the treatment and counseling session that followed at Genome the Best Fertility Clinic in Kolkata, the lady counselor helped us in understanding how to go about on the path to recovery.

We Conquered Our Bad Food Habits
We decided that we should start cooking at home no matter what and quit eating junk food altogether. Next month we appointed a domestic help who could assist us in the cooking part as well. It was a hard choice at first but yes, we were determined and stuck with the plan. You know what; we started discovering our hidden talent - ‘Cooking’. O Boy! That was some fun! While Madhu delighted in coming up with new recipes and assisting me, I donned the chef’s hat.

Understanding Ideal Food Habits That Help Pregnancy
As advised by our reproductive counselor at Genome, we chose to focus on foodstuff with nutrients that will keep our reproductive system healthy. We did some preliminary research in this aspect and got to know that there are certain nutrients that are more than essential for women to help them conceive and continue nourishing them during pregnancy. Nutrients like Vitamin C, Vitamin B6, Vitamin B12 & E, Carotenoids, Amino Acid, Folic Acid, as also Selenium and Minerals are vital, and foodstuff rich in these elements are the ones you should eat regularly to ensure that your body is healthy from inside and is ready for parenthood.
Here is a handy list of foodstuff that women should eat in order to have a smooth and completely untroubled pregnancy.  
  • A good deal of spinach, cabbage, tomatoes, berries, and citrus fruits daily as they tend to exhibit a protective effect on the body of a pregnant woman.  These foodstuffs also have a wealth of Vitamin C in them.
  • Vegetable oils, nuts, and meat should form part of your food list because they entail Vitamin C and anti-oxidants.
  • Carrots, oranges, and grapes should be considered foremost as they provide plenty of Vitamin C, Folic Acid, and Vitamin E.
  • Excessive intake of animal protein must be prohibited.
  • Too much relishing on whole grains, pulses and seafood must be prohibited as they contain harmful copper and zinc in excess.
  • Greater intake of monounsaturated fat should also be controlled.
  • Abstain from alcohol and drugs; quit smoking.
Things You Should Do To Avoid Chances of Infertility
Avoiding infertility is possible. The first step is to reduce fast food/ junk food intake as much as possible.  Here are some pointers -

Thanks to Genome - the Fertility Centre, the place I will refer to everyone for infertility treatment in Kolkata that we are finally out of the misery. My wife is expecting and she is about to give birth to our angel in six months. Wish us luck!