GENOME Gave Our Life ‘A New Meaning’ - A Personal Note

I am Ramesh. My wife’s name is Arati. This is our story.

We got tied in the wedlock in 2012. Life was smooth in the initial years and we were least bothered about parenthood. But also we didn’t do any planning as we were open for parenthood as it comes. My wife never took any contraceptive pills during the period. However, there was a prickly feeling as if something was missing even in the midst of our happiness. After we had passed two years of happy conjugal relationship, we decided that it was perhaps the ideal time for entering into a new life of responsibility. Thinking so, we consulted a doctor in the nearby city from our hometown. Almost all the reports of my wife were normal. The doctor found slight hormonal imbalances in her reports. We were not too much worried about reports. But the pressure started mounting upon us when there was no sign of conceiving even after trying for 2 more years.
GENOME Gave Our Life ‘A New Meaning’ - A Personal Note

We were unsure of the main reasons for this problem. Actually, a lot of things came up in our mind. However, amidst the entire ungrounded fears, one thing was clear, we both had started developing a fear whether we would at all be able to become parents. As time passed I had started recollecting one or two important facades that actually took place in my childhood as well as during my early adulthood.

Simultaneously, there was a misconception in my mind as I was treated for hypospadias in my age of 12. I had major surgeries then, and also was having urethral dilatations till the age of 20. Although the doctor at that age confirmed my parents that I am not going to have any problem in my post married life & having children too. As I mentioned there was a misconception in my mind thus I asked my wife’s gynecologist to mention entire tests along with my wife’s test. She mentioned a basic semen analysis test to me. That day was the worst day of my life. I was heart-broken to see that my sperm count was zero i.e. azoospermia, but my wife’s reports were normal. My mind was not allowing me to accept the reports of semen analysis. I literally spent several sleepless nights during this phase of perspicuous torment.

Then with doctor’s consultation, I had an FNAC test done to make sure whether the track is blocked or if there are sperms in the testicles or not. In my reports, there was normal sperm production in the testes which meant that the track was blocked. The doctor referred me to a private hospital for vaso-epididymal anastomosis surgery, to open the track so that we could have a child naturally. We decided to have surgery in a reputed hospital far from my hometown. There was a futile effort to freeze the sperms extracted during surgery & no sperms were frozen. The doctor told my wife that they found very few sperms and these had defective heads and tails. She advised us to use donor sperms instead.

Our hope of parenthood was completely shattered. We both were not at all ready to use donor sperm. Then one of my friends suggested us to visit Genome the Fertility Centre in Kolkata.

I am glad today that we chose to go to your clinic in Nov 2017. The reproductive medicine specialist was certain that we would not require using donor sperms. The doctor’s confidence with TESA Treatment touched our hearts. Because of the assurance, we went for the test in Jan 2018. We experienced a very successful sperm extraction job over there. Recently we have been blessed with a sweet baby girl and all that has happened because of the motivation and courage provided by your astute infertility treatment team.

You guys have proved to be a blessing in our life. Genome the Fertility Centre has not only given meaning to our life but helped us overcome from infertility. Thanks to your fertility center in Kolkata. We were really lucky that we had you.