Infertility Issues: How to Cope With the Situation?

Finding out that you cannot conceive normally is no doubt traumatic! Especially, if you and your partner are trying for a baby for a long time and earnestly hoping to embrace parenthood, knowing your incapability to become a parent ‘normally’ would definitely hit you hard. But then, no need to think that you’re all alone! “Infertility is men and women is much more common than you can imagine it is.” And the scary part of it is that the numbers keep on surging with every passing year! Simply go to any popular search engine, key in “statistics for an increase in fertility” and voila – you’ll see that a tumultuous growth in the number of people suffering from infertility over the last few decades! So, don’t get upset with your present situation and instead work on it to get over the situation.

Infertility Issues: How to Cope With the Situation?

Stop Blaming Yourself – It’s NOT your fault
The first thing to realize is that there’s no ‘hand of God’ in it. Being ‘fertile’ or ‘infertile’ is just a result of physiological developments or the lack of it. So DON’T blames yourself or your partner in any way. It’s not in your hands now.  Instead, focus on positive thinking and find ways to get back both your and your partner’s confidence by spending time outdoors. Some mutually compatible sports activities like jogging, rowing, swimming, aerobics, yoga, camping and hiking could be a real ice-breaker!

Accept the Result – Stay Positive
Once you have got over the ‘guilt syndrome’ it will be easy for you to see things with a more positive frame of mind. Our society has long held wives responsible for not being able to conceive babies, even though she was fertile and the husbands, on the other hand, were the ones with the problems. However, the mindset of most people across the globe has changed over the past quarter of a century (and even in our very own Indian subcontinent which has been a melting pot of cultures, traditions, religions, societies over centuries)! Thankfully, people are now waking up to the truth about infertility and accepting it as just a medical condition. Men who were earlier ashamed of sharing their infertility related problems are coming out with confidence and are being treated successfully at infertility treatment clinics. So, the ‘mantra’ here is to stay positive and imbibe positivity in those affected by the pangs of infertility.

Talk To a Reproductive Counsellor
Once you come to know that you cannot conceive naturally, it is normal for you to feel that the pain is all yours, and you alone have to face it and live with it for the rest of your life. Wrong! There are reproductive counsellors who can be your best friend and guide in these trying hours. Like angels, reproductive counsellors will guide you all through your journey while you undergo Artificial Reproductive Technology (ART) procedures like IVF, ICSI, IUI, TESA, LZH etc. Moreover, the counsellors will be your best friend in need with whom you can share your mind, in addition to being your medical guide. Psychological healing is far more effective than healing through medicine. An expert reproductive counsellor understands this very truth and hence your sessions would make you more positive in your overall approach in getting over infertility issues.

ARTs – The Answer to Infertility Issues 
Artificial Reproductive Technology (ART) has come up huge in the past few decades helping millions of infertile couples worldwide to become proud parents. Looking back in history, when the first test tube baby - Louise Brown was born in 1978, till today, “over Five Million babies have now been born worldwide with the help of Artificial Reproductive Technologies (ARTs) like - In Vitro Fertilization (IVF).” The interesting part is, “half of this staggering number of births through Artificial Reproductive Technology procedures happened in the last six years!” (Source: Daily Mail UK – Oct’13)

Summing up, we strongly recommend you NOT to consider yourself one of these –broken, star-crossed or simply doomed, even if you cannot conceive naturally. Accept reality but start finding ways to overcome infertility. Talk to your bestie, go outdoors, engage yourself in your field of passion, be active and most importantly fix up an appointment with a reproductive counsellor to discuss your medical condition in order to find a feasible solution. All the best!

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