7 Ways to Swipe off the Odds While Planning Pregnancy

No matter how long you have been trying not to get pregnant, there comes a time in every couple’s life when the desire of completing the family arises. Since most of the couples are using the techniques of preventing a pregnancy, many of them think that simply removing all such preventive measures will help them conceive a baby. However, the truth is something else. We often encounter patients who are surprised and shocked for not being able to conceive even after having unprotected intercourse for several years.
To enhance your chances of getting pregnant, we have mentioned some effective ‘How to get pregnant’ strategies that can help you if you adopt.
7 Ways to Swipe off the Odds While Planning Pregnancy

1. STOP all Unhealthy Habits                                                                                                                
Needless to say, couples planning conception needs to stay healthy. Hence, you should stop all unhealthy habits and addictions to an immediate effect. Make sure to follow zero alcohol and no smoking lifestyle. Also, steer clear of medicinal drugs that can potentially harm your fertility. Caffeine has a tendency to lower fertility; therefore, it is advised to avoid caffeine-rich foods such as tea, coffee, chocolates, and soda. Rigorous exercise can restrain your fertility. Thus, if you are doing strenuous exercises regularly, you need to relax and slow down a bit.
REMEMBER, fertility usually does not favor women who are underweight.

2. Monitor your Meals

MEN! Zinc is like a fuel to fertility because it boosts the production of testosterone and sperm. Thus, you are highly recommended to consume zinc enriched foods such as eggs, seafood, chicken, and whole-grain products. Being a good source of vitamin D and calcium, milk is also beneficial for fertility.
WOMEN! You need to sincerely focus on your food habits as you are going to carry, grow, and nurture your child within you. To stimulate your reproductive hormones, try to consume foods rich in folic acids, vitamins A, E, C, B6, B12, manganese, selenium, and zinc. In case you don’t want to have them in individual doses, ask your doctor to prescribe a multi-vitamin tablet that covers all of these in one tablet.

3. Avoid Tight Clothes

Wearing tight clothes can obstruct your sperm production and encourage the development of the so-called ‘slow swimmers’. Males planning for parenthood should always avoid tight underwear and warm water baths to maintain their sperm counts.

4. Plan Time-Wise
Generally, the highest level of sperm count in males is during the early mornings. Thus, planning to have a baby at this particular time increases your chances of success.

5. Get to Know Your Ovulation

For females, the best time to conceive is during the period of ovulation. It is said that when women ovulate, the chances of pregnancy are the highest. Here’s the way to track it right:
Ovulation occurs 14 days before women have their menstruation. Although this cycle varies from person to person, usually it continues to happen from 24 to 30 days. According to fertility specialists, the best period of ovulation starts from day 10 to day 16 with respect to the 6 days difference.
NOTE- Ovulation usually happens for 24 to 48 hours only.
The female egg survives from 12 to 24 hours only. Thus, the chance of conception after this window is very less. On the contrary, sperm can survive up to 72 hours. Hence, if you plan your intercourse 3 days before ovulation and perform it consistently until ovum is released into the womb, you are at the peak of success.

6. Use the Ovulation Predictor
For more accuracy in ovulation prediction, it is recommended to use a predictor kit. Ladies, keep this tool handy so that you can perform the urine test which will show when your Luteinizing Hormone (LH) has reached its highest level. The LH is released typically between 24 to 25 hours before ovum gets released, making it the perfect time for baby-planning intercourse. Plan your intercourse within 36 hours of LH surge as it is the high time to get pregnant.
7. Decide your Positions
As per fertility experts, a sexual position with the deepest penetration enhances the chances of conception. This is because a deeper penetration reduces the distance of travel for the sperm. A proper position allows a closer connection with the cervix (the opening to reach the womb). Avoid using lubricants or artificial stimulants during this process as the chemicals present in such substances might harm the sperm.
Overall, the key to a successful pregnancy is a healthy lifestyle, proper planning endowed with love. Remember, the family is all about love and affection, it should never be absent while you plan for your cherished baby. For more tips and suggestions feel free to write to us @ genomee@neotiahealthcare.com.
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