When Should You See A Fertility Consultant?

Possibly you may have been a bit stressful of late. It may be due to the fact that your partner happens to be travelling during ‘your right time’ or something else like a previous miscarriage or any other ‘deep seated’ physiological or psychological issue that’s responsible for your seemingly unexplained infertility, month after month! If you’re not able to figure out what’s going wrong, it’s time to sit down with a fertility consultant and uncover the real cause of your problem.

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“Many men and women do not realize the grave situation they’re putting themselves in if they don’t opt for an early diagnosis of their infertility problem.” according to one of our renowned consultants in reproductive medicine at Genome – the Fertility Centre. 

Once infertility is diagnosed, it can take up some time to counsel and the treatment procedures vary depending on the issue in hand. So if you’re in your mid 30’s chances are that you’re already in the borderline, so you cannot wait much further to have a baby. If you have the slightest anomaly in getting pregnant ‘naturally’, don’t waste time by going through it all over again. Get an appointment with a reproductive consultant at the forefront. But “how do I know the tell-tale signs that it’s time to visit a fertility consultant?” Here, we have discussed the four common signs which will tell you that it is time to pick up the telephone or browse online and get an appointment with a fertility consultant at the earliest.

fertility centre kolkata #1 “We’ve been trying for months without success, is something wrong with me?”

While trying to conceive and not being able to is quite frustrating, stats show that only 1 in 8 couples actually struggle with infertility. The reason for not being successful can stem from various source and may even be psychological rather than being physiological at all. So don’t be judgmental about your partner’s or even your own incapability. Successful pregnancy occurs only when several biological conditions are fulfilled. Fertility specialists opine that women over 35 years should not wait for more than 6 months of trying without success and see a reproductive specialist right away. For the under 35 crowd, that wait should not be more than 1 year. Infertility stats have shown that male infertility account for 40% of all infertility issues among couples. Thus it might not be you at all but your partner who might need the help of the reproductive consultant.


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